We have 20 years of experience in the painting, water damage and restoration business!

We provide professional painting, water damage, and restoration services to our customers who expect nothing less than quality work. In addition to our services, we make it a point to listen to our customers’ needs at all times, and provide them with great customer care during and after the project is done. We come highly recommended from Thumbtack, and have always met or exceeded our customers’ expectations.

We are certified by the state of Arizona for water damage and restoration.
Certified Water Damage Restoration and Reconstruction Services:

1. Demo and removal of sheetrock and surrounding areas that have been affected by water damage. Any issue in which corrective repairs are needed will be handled according to specifications in order to rectify the situation.

2. Moisture readings are necessary to identify all areas of water damage within and around the structure. This will give a general idea of how far the water has traveled up the wall. All damaged material such as sheetrock, baseboards, and other materials that water has come into contact with will be cut out and replaced.

3. It’s very important that when you find evidence of water damage that you respond quickly. Mold can reach dew point reaches levels of 40% or more. Mold growth can and will become visible within 48 to 72 hours after contact with water.

4. Once the affected areas of concern are opened and the damaged material is cleaned out, a product called micro band will be applied to any or all of the water damaged areas to contain the mold.

5. Once the affected area containing water damage has been removed and all other areas surrounding the affected area have been brought back to dry standards, the rebuilding process can begin.

We have excellent references from satisfied customers who have provided Thumbtack with positive feedback. They have provided testimonials for our new customers to read upon making their decision when looking for that qualified person to make corrective repairs or painting their property.

Quality comes from time vested in the trade, and years of service. We spend time with customers, assisting them from start to finish and have always provided them with the kind of experience and customer care they deserve.


Our painting services include but not limited to:


1. Spray, brush, and roller painting
2. Staining and varnishing
3. Concrete transparent staining or painting
4. Epoxy coatings and Rust-Oleum paint products
5. Sheetrock and plaster repair
6. Popcorn removal
7. Texture coatings
8. Block wall painting
9. Wallpaper and custom design installation
10. Baseboard installation
11. Pool deck painting

Painting projects include but are not limited to the following projects::

1. Home repainting
2. Commercial buildings
3. Rental properties
4. Interior building projects
5. Apartment complexes
6. Real estate investment properties
7. Storefronts

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